Why coaching?

August 14, 2018 Uncategorized

I quickly deduced early in my almost two decade Real Estate career that there were three distinct categories of sales people; the top producers, the newbies and the guys in the middle (which is where I was stuck at.) For me, I didn’t even examine the newbies as I was already surpassing them so it was to my level, the middle. I was closing anywhere from $7MM-$10Mm a year but I needed to do better so what was it about them vs. me and why could these top producers excel and me just be average? I started to look at the agents around me and as to why they were selling more, getting more referrals and selling higher listed properties than me. 9 out of 10 top producers had this one, simple thing in common. Coaching.

Coaching was the answer but what was the reason? As I “interviewed” these top producers, I just simply asked, “what has coaching done for you?” The answer was so clear and so simple. It was all about accountability. That’s exactly what coaching does for most people, it holds you accountable but it also is so much more on a granular level. Let’s dig down on this for a second.

Having that weekly call and that bi-monthly meeting changes your mindset. It makes you want to do better because you don’t want to let your “coach” down. Imagine calling your coach on a Monday and then meeting with them the following week with nothing to report? You’d feel like a failure and that you let your coach down. That’s the feeling that you want every single day in any business.


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